Our mission

Good Energy Group's mission is to keep the world a habitable place by offering consumers an active role in addressing climate change.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for change in the UK energy market. We do this by empowering individuals and businesses to switch their energy supply to renewable electricity, generate their own renewable power, participate in local community energy initiatives and use their energy more efficiently.

We believe that decentralised generation, where power is generated at home and in communities, is as important for the UK’s future energy security as for cutting carbon emissions.  As well as encouraging small-scale decentralised generation, we also invest in new sources of renewable generation for Britain, through onshore wind and renewable heat projects. 

We believe we need to develop a new, closer relationship with the energy we use which will encourage us to value our energy more and use it less. Our vision of the future looks very different to what we see today: energy companies will be transformed from leviathans to enablers and, maybe, by 2050, they will all look like Good Energy.

If no action is taken to reduce emissions, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could reach double its pre-industrial level as early as 2035, virtually committing us to a global average temperature rise of over 2°C. In the longer term, there would be more than a 50% chance that the temperature rise would exceed 5°C. This rise would be very dangerous indeed; it is equivalent to the change in average temperatures from the last ice age to today.

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