The business model

The business model - energy as a service

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Our business already has a foothold in the energy sharing future. Evolving our model to enable energy as a service manifests in four key themes: decentralisation, digitalisation, data analytics and decarbonisation. This shift from the old world of energy generation and supply towards technology enabled energy services is already happening and is what will drive the future of our business. Best in class digital technology and products, underpinned by real time data analytics will help customers understand and act upon their energy needs. Allowing us to help them decarbonise their lives.

Our opportunity in a decentralising energy market

  • Over 40% of UK energy mix now from renewable energy sources
  • The market has shifted from a few large generators to around 1 million renewable generators in the UK today
  • Good Energy is a leading UK renewable energy company with more home generation customers than supply customers
  • The clean energy grid of the future will be millions of households and businesses, generating, using and sharing their own power
  • These new generators will need energy services to support this investment and this shift represents a major opportunity for us

The future of Good

Strategic goals to drive growth

We believe the benefits to our customers will be more compelling propositions at a competitive price that will simplify their lives and cut carbon, whilst delivering sustainable value for all stakeholders