The business model

The business model - energy as a service

Vertically integrated next-generation energy company

Good Energy is a next-generation energy company, founded on a deep green domestic offering. A strong and competitive core business, with a mature wind & solar generation portfolio, and an increasing focus on small businesses and electric mobility.

The green revolution

Good Energy is a leader in renewable energy supply and services, with proven credentials as a 100% renewable electricity supplier. We serve a growing market of domestic and business customers looking to make an impact on the climate crisis, making us well placed to capitalise on the wider social and regulatory attention to the need for a mass shift to green energy. Read more about energy as a service in the Strategic Review in the 2020 Annual Report.

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Building blocks in place

We spent 2020 ensuring that we have the fundamental building blocks of the business in place, as they are crucial to unlocking future growth opportunities.

Kraken customer service platform. This investment provides highly scalable opportunities. 100% of customers are now integrated, we’ve seen a positive impact on our net promoter score, increased digitalisation and efficiency savings.

Smart meters. Our ambition is to install 20,000 smart meters in 2021. Not only do Smart meters help customers better understand their energy consumption and how to reduce it, but they are key to enabling products that will support the transition to net zero.

Ensek business billing platform. Our B2B supply customers move onto the Ignition platform. The move brings a more efficient digital service – enhancing customer experience and supporting the launch of new services.

Proposition pipeline. Our ambition is to provide customers with the tools to achieve a zero-carbon footprint across electricity, transport and heat in both Business and Domestic settings.

Scaling the business through innovation

This customer centric model is being applied to our mobility as a service offering, but can be replicated across heat, solar, storage and demand side flexibility to provide an innovative offering to a broad range of customers, in an ever-increasing market. Good Energy has the tools to replicate this offering in multiple verticals and solidify its place at the heart of the energy ecosystem.

Corporate development in this space will focus around understanding the right approach to building our own capabilities, investing in proven technologies and skills, or forming strategic partnerships to take advantage of growing markets. Read more about our strategy here.