The business model

Good Energy is a pioneering clean energy company, powering the choice of a cleaner, greener future together with its people, customers and shareholders.

making clean energy the natural choice for our customers

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Business Supply


  • SMART meters are the foundation of a new energy world, but the data they produce provides the real customer value.
  • Data that empowers homes and businesses to realise the value of new energy technologies, usage control, storage, electric vehicles and renewable energy.
Retail Supply


  • Good Energy is perfectly placed to help customers navigate, manage and benefit from this low carbon, connected energy world. We will continue to lead it by investing in three core areas.
  • Strategic partnerships and investment
  • Research and innovation
  • Development of digital platform and data insight


  • Investment in our people throughout the organisation. Including a new Executive team, developing in‐house digital and data expertise and modernising our customer care capabilities.
  • Our New Product Development team is spearheading new technology choices for customers.

1 As at 31 December 2017

The Business

Our business model continues to focus on the customer being at the heart of everything we do. Our purpose is clear, to make clean energy the natural choice. We are focused on developing technology, people and partnerships in order to deliver growth for our customers.

Good Energy powers homes and businesses with 100% renewable electricity from a community of over 1,400 UK generators and owns and operate two wind farms, including the UK's first commercial wind farm, and six solar farms. In addition, Good Energy offers a green gas product which contains 6% biomethane - gas produced here in the UK from food waste. To make it completely carbon neutral, emissions from the rest of the gas its customers use is balanced through supporting verified carbon-reduction schemes in Malawi, Vietnam and Nepal.

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Good Energy - The business

Good Energy, creating value

Today we are changing the way we operate, to reflect a changing market. With increasing focus on customer experience, we are focusing on people, technology and partnerships to deliver our plan for the future.

Energy services – the business model

The shift from the old world of energy generation and supply towards energy services has seen a continued evolution of our business model over time. We see the future of our business being focused on energy services, enabled by technology to facilitate the sharing of clean power for all.

Our journey has taken us from a business built on generation and supply to making the first steps into the future of energy as a service. Our vertically integrated model allows us to interact with customers throughout the entire chain. From generating power, to consuming clean energy all the way through to how they utilise, interact and enhance their individual energy consumption. We are at the heart of this change.

In 2019, we will continue to build on our new product development, roll out SMART technology and drive into complementary markets to bring this business model to life.