Our Purpose

 Read about the ambition that drives us, and what we're doing to make it a reality.

Purpose Grafic

Founded by CEO Juliet Davenport, Good Energy is a company driven by a deep sense of purpose. Twenty years ago, households and businesses in the UK had little choice but to buy dirty energy generated from fossil fuels. With carbon emissions rising, we set out to combat climate change by empowering people to choose clean energy.

Good Energy immediately stood out: a power supplier that promised that its electricity would be 100% renewable. Our logic was simple: by attracting more and more customers, we would develop the market for renewable electricity and help grow the industry. At the same time, we pioneered support for localised electricity generation, by creating a marketplace for people to be paid for generating clean power on a small scale.

Today, we source 100% renewable electricity from a community of over 1,400 independent generators based in the UK. We also invest in carbon reduction schemes so that we’re able to provide carbon neutral gas – 6% of which is biogas. And we’re building on our long-standing support for localised generation by exploring innovative ways to help more households and businesses manage, generate and share electricity.

Read more about how we're creating a cleaner, greener future in our latest purpose report.

Balancing the needs of our stakeholders

Our board is guided by its obligation to support the company to succeed for the benefit of its members as a whole. At the core of this obligation is the need to balance the interests of Good Energy’s four equal stakeholder groups: our People, our Customers, our Shareholders and our Futureholders.

Balancing our stakeholder groups allows us to make sure the company is making effective choices that will allow it to pursue its purpose of creating a cleaner, greener future.

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