Our Purpose

Climate change is our responsibility. Let’s keep the world our home.

Our purpose

Climate change is our responsibility. Let’s keep the world our home.

Powering a cleaner, greener future together

Good Energy was founded as a purpose-led business. We believe that companies should pursue a wider purpose, over simply making profit. Ours is to power a cleaner, greener, future together.

That’s why each year we publish a report which updates our customers, generators, and investors on the progress we’ve made towards achieving that purpose.

Empowering people to be part of the solution to climate change is at the core of everything we do. Building a market for small-scale renewable energy is as well.

Beyond these central principles we have a social purpose, one which speaks to our values of inclusion and fairness. Because the more people who are involved in tackling the climate crisis, the bigger difference we can make.

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Foreword from our CEO, Nigel Pocklington

Joining Good Energy as CEO in 2021, I was drawn to the business primarily because of its purpose. I have always worked within purpose led business. In fact, I believe the most successful businesses always have a purpose beyond simply making money. But Good Energy’s is so clear, and so critical — combatting climate change.

It was an eventful year to join. A world still coping with a global pandemic. Climate high up on the national and international political and media agenda with the UN’s climate conference COP26 coming to Glasgow. And as the year progressed, an increasingly volatile energy market driven by global gas prices. It brought into stark focus that there is not only an environmental argument for moving away from fossil fuels, there is an economic one too.

Throughout all of this, I am proud to say Good Energy never wavered in its commitment to climate action. It only strengthened our resolve — 2021 was a landmark year for our purpose in many respects.

We took to the global stage at COP26. Introduced our Good Future Board, young people holding us to account on protecting their futures. Continued to cut our carbon footprint, remaining substantially lower than a pre-COVID-19 baseline. Achieved a number of breakthroughs on combatting greenwash in energy retail.

Environmental and social governance shifted from a nice to have in business, to the only way of operating. The energy crisis has not abated and does not look to do so for the foreseeable. Meanwhile the climate crisis looms ever larger. The long-term solution to both is a cleaner, greener energy and transport system.

We need action from government. But businesses like us, and people like our customers, can lead the way. That is what we intend to do.


Nigel Pocklington OBE
Chief Executive Officer