Our Strategy

Strategy in action - recent, ongoing and future initiatives

In 2019, we have been focused on laying the right foundations for growth. This has consisted of systems, people and proposition investment. We have already begun to implement the Kraken customer technology platform, have invested in our leadership team and have a clear proposition roadmap in place for 2020 and beyond. We continue to refine our proposition pipeline, with several products in development.

Zap-Map: Our investment in the Electric Vehicle data platform

Zap map image

We have invested in the UK’s leading electric vehicle data platform, Zap-Map. This creates huge opportunities to launch products and services in the crucial area of zero-emission transport – and is also a catalyst for the sharing economy. ZAP is the go-to app for Britain’s 280,000 EV drivers, used for planning routes, identifying charge points, checking their availability and sharing power. Read more about Zap-Map in our 2019 Annual Report.

The EV market is currently fragmented and complex, but it will soon be essential for UK businesses to offer charging facilities and services. We are now offering a new solution to make it easier for businesses to install chargers and to secure available network capacity. Read about One Point below.

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One Point: innovative solutions for a growing and fragmented market

Watergate Bay

2019 saw the launch of One Point: our end-to-end service which supports businesses wanting to offer EV charging to their staff, customers and visitors. We ran a pilot with our customer, Watergate Bay Hotel; installing four charging points on the premises, with two more planned. Further pilot projects will be launched soon with our partners. Lessons from the pilot scheme will help us expand One Point to companies up and down the country, with the potential to integrate Zap–Pay to enable open and simple access to all One Point charging locations.

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Investing in innovation

The clean energy sector is constantly evolving, and we want our customers to be a part of it. That’s why we’re working on new products and services to help customers support a clean energy future, along with investing in new technologies and research. Aside from our investments with Zap-Map, smart meters and One Point, we continue to innovate in a number of ways. Recent research projects with both Honda and BestRes as examples.

HAVEN: using EVs for home energy storage

We recently completed an innovative research project with Honda, Upside Energy and Salford University. The study was designed to examine the value of ‘vehicle-to-grid’ (V2G) technology, where an electric vehicle is used alongside a special charger and other home systems: battery storage, solar panels, a smart hot water tank, and heat pumps. The technology is designed to maximise efficient energy usage, save money, and cut carbon emissions.

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BestRes image

Our Home Innovation Trial is part of the Europeanwide BestRes project, which is researching how to better integrate renewable generation into energy grids. We provided each household that signed up to the trial with a smart hub and linked app, which measured energy usage by different types of appliance. The aim is to explore and better understand energy usage and management in the home.

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