Our Strategy

Overview – Power to the People

Energy, or rather the consumption and control of it, is shifting. That is not simply about the proliferation of new energy suppliers and tariffs; it is about the way we use and generate energy in our own homes and businesses. This means that the energy market is changing. More suppliers and more choice, but with a fundamental shift at its core, decentralisation.

Our strategy

Generating energy

In 2018, we described how the old energy model of production is evolving to a new generation of energy services, with customers and technology driving this change. We believe this is an opportunity to invest further in our proven capability and skill sets, to lead into this new energy world.

We have seen a societal change in customers through an energy awakening. Our target market is broadening, based on our market research. Caring about ethics and the environment is not just for “Eco Warriors”. A growing number of “Eco Worriers”, both customers and businesses, want to be part of a movement to “do the right thing”, but in a way that is straightforward and efficient; the customer experience is therefore crucial. A broader proposition using digital technology to deliver simple, straightforward service is the answer.”

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