Shareholder Information

Securities in Issue

Good Energy Group plc Ordinary shares - nominal value of £0.05 each. The number of Ordinary Shares in issue is 16,643,067. Shares are currently traded on the London AIM Market and the NEX Exchange where they can be viewed.

The following have notified significant shareholdings of over 3% of the issued share capital:

Shareholder Number of shares %
Ecotricity Group Limited 4,169,948 25.1%
Hargreaves Lansdown1,166,706 7.0%
Martin Edwards 669,827 4.0%
Juliet Davenport 627,455 3.8%

The percentage of shares not in public hands is 31% as defined in the Glossary of the AIM Rules for Companies.

All shares have equal voting rights. There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Last updated: 18/08/2020