Key Performance Indicators

Good Energy measures its progress with a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). In 2017, EBITDA and Business Customer Volume growth were added as KPIs reflecting their continued importance as indicators of value.

2017 Performance

Good Energy grew both revenue and revenue per employee, and saw increasing customer volumes and customer meters despite tough market conditions in the retail supply market. However, increased wholesale, restructuring and investment costs as well as a changing revenue mix adversely impacted certain financial and operating KPIs in the period.

Despite the expected long term benefits, we saw a short term impact from the billing system implementation issues as well as the ongoing F4G restructuring programme on various employee and customer KPIs.







  1. Total installed customer meters and FIT installations as at 31 December
  2. 2017 Churn rate for our underlying Retail business, excluding the impact of switching under The Big Deal
  3. In 2017, the company did not complete a NPS survey for the total business due to the restructuring and reorganisation changes being undertaken in the year, however completed an NPS survey among FIT business customers. This 2017 score reflects FIT Business customer NPS compared with 2016 Total Supply NPS
  4. Revenue, Margin and EBITDA figures reflect continuing operations
  5. Administration cost including depreciation and amortisation

Highlights of 2017

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