General Meeting

The Board received a request from Ecotricity to convene a general meeting of Shareholders on 24 December 2021.

The requisitioned General Meeting was held at 9am on Friday 11 February 2022 at SEC Newgate, 14 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8SB.

Thank you to all shareholders who voted.


All voting was undertaken on a poll. The table below shows the votes received for and against each of the Requisitioned Resolutions.

For Against Total Withheld
Resolution Votes % Votes % Votes % ISC Votes
1 4,581,943 41.7% 6,411,473 58.3% 10,993,416 65.5% 35,198
2 4,658,286 42.8% 6,226,697 57.2% 10,884,983 64.9% 143,631

Consequently, neither of the Requisitioned Resolutions received sufficient support from the Company’s shareholders to be passed.

Lack of support for Ecotricity’s proposals

  • Shareholders are reminded that as at 11 February 2022 Ecotricity held 4,201,071 ordinary shares.
  • Ecotricity voted its entire shareholding in favour of both of the Requisitioned Resolutions.
  • If the results are calculated excluding the votes cast by Ecotricity, the result is as follows:
For Against Total Withheld
Resolution Votes % Votes % Votes Votes
1 380,872 5.6% 6,411,473 94.4% 6,792,345 35,198
2 457,215 6.8% 6,226,697 93.2% 6,683,912 143,631

Further information can be found in the announcement dated 11.02.2022.

Pre-General Meeting investor presentation and Q&A

We hosted a pre-General Meeting investor presentation and Q&A on 26 January at 2pm via the Investor Meet Company online platform. Watch the recording now:

Sign up to Investor Meet Company for free at https://www.investormeetcompany.com/good-energy-group-plc/register-investor and add Good Energy to attend investor presentations.

Notice of requisitioned General Meeting


For any shareholders holding their shares with Interactive Investor Services Nominees, we have been advised they have the incorrect Board recommendation and they are working to rectify this as soon as possible. 

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