Good Energy Bonds II

Good Energy is repaying 70% of your Good Energy Bonds II this summer.

Thank you so much for your investment in Good Energy. Since you invested, we have made tangible progress with our purpose of powering a cleaner, greener future and achieved many of the objectives which the bond was raised to support.

In April, we announced the successful restructuring of our renewable generation asset portfolio which improved cash-flow and frees up cash to be utilised by the Company. We want to maintain a prudent cash buffer to see us through the winter and after allowing for this, we have sufficient funds to repay 70% of the principal amount of your outstanding bond (along with associated interest payments). Taking this step allows us to save interest costs and make any future capital raising more straightforward.

We are pleased to let you know that the Good Energy Bonds II have allowed us to make investments into our transition to energy services, including so far:

  • The implementation and roll-out of our Kraken customer technology platform
  • Our SMART meter roll-out
  • Mobility-as-a-service – our partnerships and solutions which have helped businesses and domestic customers in the electrification of transport
  • Strategic investment in Zap-Map
  • The implementation of our business billing platform Ensek

We are continuing to invest in our digital propositions and smart tariff capability, have committed to fund the next phase of growth in Zap-Map and expect to develop a new system with export functionality to build additional revenue streams and improved functionality for our feed in tariff portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding Good Energy Bonds, please see our FAQs or email our Good Energy Bonds team directly.

FAQs Contact our bond support team

Good Energy Bonds II Key Terms

Interest: 4.75% effective gross interest per annum payable semi-annually.

Customer Bonus Interest: 0.25% per annum for Good Energy customers payable at maturity. This additional annual interest payment is available to any Bondholder who is our customer on 1 January for the relevant year.

Maturity: 4 year term, rolling annually thereafter unless redeemed. Good Energy Bonds II may be redeemed by a bondholder completing and returning the notice of redemption (on the reverse of the bond certificate) six months before the fourth anniversary (or any subsequent anniversary). Good Energy may choose to repay some or all of Good Energy Bonds II at any time.

Transferability: Non-transferable.

Security: Unsecured.

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