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Electric vehicle charging sites outnumber petrol stations for first time


EV milestone reached this month

New industry data has revealed the extent of the UK’s electric vehicle revolution, with the number of public charging locations now surpassing petrol stations for the first time. Data from EV charging specialists Zap-Map shows that as of 28 May, there are 8,546 charging locations across the UK, hosting a total of 13,688 charging devices. In contrast, as of the end of April, there are currently only 8,400 petrol stations in the UK, a figure which is continuing to decline.

The news highlights how a common barrier to using electric vehicles is being removed and ‘range anxiety’ is becoming a thing of the past. Charging points can now be found across the length and breadth of the country, from the Shetland Islands to the Cornish Riviera, from Giant’s Causeway to the White Cliffs of Dover.

Recent research from showed 7 in 10 drivers were discouraged from buying an EV over a perceived lack of charging stations. However, public EV chargers in the UK has shown extraordinary growth in the past 12 months, with the number of locations increasing by 57%.

This expanding network supports an increasing number of electric vehicles, currently sitting at 210,000; up from just 3,500 six years ago. Analysts forecast that by the end of 2022, at least 1 million EVs will be in use across the UK.

Juliet Davenport, Founder and CEO at Good Energy said: “Tackling the climate crisis means electric vehicles need to go mainstream. This milestone shows how rapidly we are moving in that direction, away from polluting petrol and diesel cars. We still have a long way to go but the future of transport is electric.”

Ben Lane, co-founder and CTO at Zap-Map added: “The public and private sectors are now investing heavily in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure to ensure that there are sufficient charging points to support the growing electric fleet. This month’s milestone reveals the rapid pace of change already underway as the age of the combustion engine gives way to an all-electric era with vehicles offering both zero-emissions and a better driving experience.”

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1. Zap-Map is the UK’s leading charging point platform with over 80,000 visitors each month. The charging point map helps electric vehicle drivers locate available charge points, plan routes and to share updates with the community. Historical and latest UK public charging infrastructure statistics from Zap-Map can be found here:

2. New technologies are enabling the EV revolution; whereas most 'rapid' units are rated at 50 kW, enabling a standard EV to be fully charged in 40 minutes, the latest 'ultra-rapid' units are capable of up to 350 kW; ready for the next generation of longer-range electric vehicles.

3. Latest UK petrol station data from Experian Catalist Market Summary Report, April 2019.

4. Historical UK petrol station data from Statista:

5. survey can be found here:

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