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Good Energy to take major stake in Zap-Map


Electric vehicle charge point app central to Good Energy’s localised power future

Good Energy has taken a 12.9% share in Zap-Map’s parent company, with an option to take a majority share within two years. Zap-Map is the go-to app for Britain’s 200,000 electric vehicle (EV) drivers – planning routes, locating charge points, checking their availability and sharing power. Its 70,000 regular monthly users have more than 11,000 charging devices to choose from across the UK, all easily navigable from its intuitive app — from service stations to car parks, retail sites to private driveways. And as the network continues to increase rapidly, so too does the number of Zap-Map registered EV drivers in its thriving community, who actively log the status and availability of the national charging network.

Good Energy’s investment reflects the fast-changing way in which people live with energy with an increasing number of households and businesses now generating, storing and sharing power, rather than simply consuming it. Good Energy is at that forefront of the shift towards localised power, as the only UK energy company with more customers generating their own power versus buying it. EVs will play a crucial role in the new energy sharing economy and their increasing numbers will be a huge catalyst for that change, making power more tangible than ever before.

Bristol-based Zap-Map licenses its live mapping service to Nissan for use on its customer portal and partners with Go Ultra Low, the government and car industry backed campaign designed to encourage EV-adoption. Following the successful launch of its Smart Route Planner, integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is planned. This is in addition to the roll-out of Zap-Pay, which simplifies smartphone payments for EV charging – one dedicated charging app usable across multiple networks, instead of signing up to myriad supplier cards and apps with different accounts, passwords and user experiences. 

Chiming with Good Energy’s localised power strategy, Zap-Map features Zap-Home, a network of private charging locations owned by households and businesses who have chosen to share electricity with other Zap-Map registered drivers. Access times and charging costs are set by the owner – or supplier – of each charging point, with some choosing to offer electricity for free. Where peer-to-peer payments apply, these can also be securely made within the Zap-Map app.

Juliet Davenport, CEO and Founder of Good Energy, said: “The way we view energy is changing. Environmental challenge and digital opportunity are converging; intelligent power sharing is replacing conventional power supply. Localised generation, localised storage and localised sharing too. EVs bring power to life, and the rapid rise of incredibly useful apps like Zap-Map make the management of that power so much simpler – at home, at work, or on the go.”

The deal will help fund and accelerate Zap-Map’s product development as it realises the full potential of its digital EV charging services. The two South West England teams will collaborate on broader applications for the proprietary platform, while seeking to maintain the exponential growth of its EV user base.

Melanie Shufflebotham, co-founder of Zap-Map, said: “Juliet and Good Energy share the understanding that the growth of EVs requires an entirely new mindset: a localised point-by-point power network and the ability to easily share or pay for electricity on a charge-by-charge basis. As Good Energy leads in genuinely renewable energy supply, Zap-Map has the UK's largest EV online community. Together we will can lead in the emerging energy sharing economy in which homes, businesses and EV owners will trade and exchange power using the local energy grids of the not-too-distant future."


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About Good Energy

Good Energy was founded in 1999 by Juliet Davenport OBE with the ambition to tackle climate change by generating and investing in renewable energy. Its purpose is to power the choice of a cleaner, greener future together with its customers, employees and investors.

Since it started, the company has been supplying clean power, sourced from its own generation assets as well as from independent, UK-based renewable generators. Good Energy also pioneered a more localised approach to energy by supporting home generation, launching the HomeGen scheme in 2004, which became the blueprint for the Feed-in Tariff.

Today, it continues to support and invest in localised energy generation, as the only UK energy company with more home-generation customers than supply. From using digital innovation to help UK households and businesses manage their energy usage more efficiently, to empowering more people to generate, store and share clean power, it is leading the charge towards a cleaner, distributed energy system.

About Zap-Map

Zap-Map was set-up in 2012 by Dr Ben Lane and Melanie Shufflebotham with a mission to accelerate the shift to e-mobility by helping electric vehicle (EV) drivers find places to charge when they are out and about.

With rapid growth in the infrastructure, Zap-Map now displays over 11,000 public charging devices, most with live availability data. Other features include a smart route planner, extensive filters and a community Zap-Chat channel; the accompanying website provides comprehensive information on EV charging for consumers and businesses planning to go electric. Available on iOS, Android and the desktop platforms, the map is used by over 70,000 each month,

Going forward, Zap-Map is planning many new smart features including CarPlay/Auto Android support and Zap-Pay, which will provide the ability to access and pay for EV charging across multiple charge point networks.

About Good Energy’s latest EV tariff

Designed with EV drivers in mind, Good Energy’s Electric Vehicle Drivers 3 tariff offers lower unit rates that allow customers to charge their vehicle for less. It provides clean power sourced from over 1,400 renewable generators in the UK at savings of an average of £90 per year compared to Good Energy’s standard variable tariff. Customers can also take advantage of E7 & E10 EV3 tariffs to access cheaper off-peak rates, allowing them to charge their EV overnight and save even more.

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