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‘Don’t waste our energy’: Good Energy calls out over-consumption on Black Friday


Billboards from the clean power company ask us not to waste energy. An accompanying new animated film features a very recognizable voice stating ‘the power of less, is that it could actually give us more.’

Good Energy has launched a new campaign calling on people to use, waste and take less. In a first for an energy company, it has used billboard space to call on people to use less energy.

The campaign is accompanied by a new animated film voiced by an extremely recognizable environmentalist and television personality. The film, titled ‘The Power of Less’, states that whilst ‘overconsumption is destroying our planet… the power of less is that it could actually give us more. More nature. More renewable energy. More clean air. More life.’ Watch it here, with the sound turned on..

The campaign has been launched to time with Black Friday, the day when sales and mass discounts encourage people to buy more and use more.

Juliet Davenport, CEO and Founder, Good Energy, said: “Black Friday is now an annual ritual to buy more, spend more, and consume more. This behaviour is threatening the planet and we need to step back from the brink. We supply clean power, but we know the cleanest unit of power is one that isn’t used at all, and so this year we’re asking people to harness the power of less. Less energy, less waste, less pollution. It’s only by learning to do less, that we can do more for the planet.”

Find out more about the Power of Less campaign here.


High resolution images available here — these shots are of the billboards around Bristol, taken 23 November 2020

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